WL3 specializes in capturing and converting 3-D points into a solution to solve your 3-D challenges.  

Our methods are used to obtain data on any physical object small or large.  Once captured the 3-D points can be manipulated in many ways to produce a solution to a complex 3-D problem.

This deliverable can be used for reverse engineering, part inspection, interference detection, spatial information, 3-D printing and many more applications.

Industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense Shipbuilding
  • Recreational Marine
  • Heavy Industry
  • Industrial Construction
  • Historic Preservation

WL3 Solutions specializes in portable Metrology.  Our vast experiences include Laser Trackers, PCMM Arms, Total Stations, Laser Radar, Vision Systems, Laser Scanners and many more.  

Our combined experiences allow us to offer cutting edge solutions and support to a wide range of industries.  With the ability to measure down to 0.001" in large volumes, the applications are endless.

WL3 Solutions can help you with any portable metrology need!


  • Part Inspection
  • Real-time fabrication
  • Real-time motion tracking
  • Tool building and inspection
  • Machine tool inspection and calibration
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WL3 Solutions helps customers bring concepts and sketches to the digital world.  We provide 2-D and 3-D modeling solutions for most industries.

Solutions include:

  • 2-D production drawings
  • 3-D parts and assemblies
  • STL modeling for 3-D printing
  • Composite tooling models
  • Conceptual renderings



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WL3 Solutions offers simulation and analysis which allow our clients to make efficient, informed decisions on their 3-D challenges. Our simulations range from virtual dimensional fit-up, motion simulation and CFD simulation.

Virtual fit-up allows for multiple rigid bodies to be joined virtually with real-world constraints. This allows for fit interface checks, interference detection and dimensional performance.

Our marine clients benefit greatly from our CFD simulations which utilize Orca3D Marine CFD solutions. We can simulate a variety of configurations and conditions. Thus allowing for informed design iterations and efficient design cycle.


WL3 Solutions specializes in Dimensional Project Management (DPM).  The need for DPM is often not recognized until a project suffers from a lack dimensional preparedness.  WL3 Solutions has the experience to take our customers from start to finish with successful dimensional execution.  

WL3 Solutions assists in the following phases.

  • Pre-planning for dimensional tasks
  • Oversee existing dimensional projects and plans.
  • Manage measurement teams with new and existing plans.
  • Dimensional liaison between engineering, production, manufacturing and fabrication.
  • Develop work-flow documents and/or procedures.
  • On-call/As-needed consultation.